ROBIN LEWIN - brief history

I was born in Gosport Hampshire in the early 2nd world war years. My Father, George, was a soldier and my Mother, Gladys came from a farming background in the Isle of Wight. I am the middle of five children with two elder brothers, David and Patrick, a younger sister Pamela and another younger brother Michael.

I had a basic secondary school education and, at the tender age of 15, joined the RAF as a Boy entrant. I spent 24 years in the RAF in which time I was lucky enough to see various parts of the world, notably Singapore 1961 - 1963, Gan (a small Island in the Indian Ocean) 1968 - 1969 and two years secondment to the Kenyan Air Force 1970 – 1972. I left the RAF as a senior None Commissioned officer in January 1980. However my association with the Ministry of defence was to continue for the rest of my working life as I was then employed as a Civil Servant working on Naval weapon systems and for the last seven years as the Health & Safety Advisor at RAF Kinloss. I was forced to retire in June 2001 because of the MoDs Policy to retire personnel at 60.

I met my wife Dorothy whilst serving at RAF Aldergrove in 1965 and we were married in Newtownards Northern Island in 1966. We have two offspring, Sarah who was born in Nairobi Kenya and Andrew who was born in Emsworth Hampshire.

You can find more information about my life on my personal website: