Are you trying to find your family Roots here a few links to genealogy sites which I have found very useful in my research:

This is a fairly new site which is easy to navigate and contains a lot of information - why not have a look at this site first

A Guide to Genealogy

An excellent free source of information which includes the 1881 UK census and the International Genealogical Index (IGI).

Very good site for contacting other people who may be connected to your family. Your can browse the site for free and down load your tree for others to view but if you want to participate in activities, such as contacting people you may be related to you have to pay a small Fee. However, caution should be taken, as many people using this site tend to copy other peoples trees without verifying that the information is correct. Subsequently many family trees on this site are incorrect and these problems are compounded as more people add their own incorrect data.

An offshoot from which is mainly US orientated, is now a well established site dedicated to UK ancestry. Most of the important areas required for research have to be subscribed to but if you really want to research your own family tree and not copy others this site will give you a good head start and the reasonable subscription is well worth it.. The English 1841 to 1901 census information are available on this site and just recently some Scottish census information has been added . Another good way to get information from this site is to visit the message boards for the surnames or particular locations you are interested in. You never know your luck if you leave messages on these forums – I have had some very helpful people giving me information & advice which has led to finding new branches to my family tree. Ancestry have recently added a new facility for building your Tree.

Very similar to Ancestry but is very much US orientated. Once again use the free genealogy forums (message boards).

UK Based Genealogy website – Pay as you go or subscription

There are many other sites that can be used for your research, try some of the following sites which will give you numerous links:

List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Collection of genealogy links, family history, and coat of arms

Guide to Genealogical Resources & Information on line

Listings Site

Free access to many Births, Deaths and Marriages which is continually updated.

However there is no guarantee that you will find the information you require.

Try some

where you will find hundreds of links to Genealogy and personal web sites

Family History Societies

Most towns and cities have their own Family history Societies which have a wealth of information to offer and there are always plenty of members who are willing to give you assistance. As my Ancestors originate from the Isle of Wight ( )and Leicestershire ( ) I have become member of these societies and have had a lot of information and advise from other members of these societies. Carry out a search on the web and you will probably find the one for your area.